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TrAC – Trends in Analytical chemistry journal  special issue

1st NanoLyse OPEN DAY

Oral session at RAFA 2011 on Analysis of Nanoparticles in Food

Poster session at RAFA 2011 on Nanoparticles

Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry journal special issue

Expert workshop on analytical approaches for the determination of nanoparticles in complex matrices (e.g. food, cosmetics) in Brussels organised by NanoLyse and the EC JRC 


TrAC – Trends in Analytical chemistry journal special issue

NanoLyse authors contributed in total five review papers to a special issue of Trends in Analytical Chemistry reflecting research topics of individual NanoLyse WPs in:

·      WP1: Thomas P.J. Linsinger, Gert Roebben, Conxita Solans, Roland Ramsch (2011). Reference materials for measuring the size of nanoparticles, Trends in Analytical Chemistry 30:18-27.

·      WP2: Agnieszka Dudkiewicz, Karen Tiede, Alistair B.A. Boxall, Katrin Loeschner, Louise Helene Soegaard Jensen, Eric Jensen, Rafal Wierzbicki, Kristian Molhave (2011). Characterisation of nanomaterials in food by electron microscopy, Trends in Analytical Chemistry 30:28-43.

·      WP3: Frank Von der Kammer, Samuel Legros, Thilo Hofmann, Erik H. Larsen, Katrin Loeschner (2011). Separation and characterization of nanoparticles in complex food and environmental samples by field-flow fractionation, Trends in Analytical Chemistry 30: 425-436.

·      WP4: Ruud Peters, Guillaime ten Dam, Hans Bouwmeester, Hans Helsper, Stefan Weigel, Günter Allmaier, Frank vd Kammer, Roland Ramsch, Conxita Solans, Monika Tomaniova, Jana Hajslova (2011). Identification and characterization of organic nanoparticles in food, Trends in Analytical Chemistry 30:100-112.

Günter Allmaier, Anne Maißer, Christian Laschober, Paul Messner, Wladyslaw W. Szymanski (2011). Parallel differential mobility analysis for electrostatic characterization and manipulation of nanoparticles and viruses, Trends in Analytical Chemistry 30:123-132.



The first NanoLyse Open Day had been organised on the 2nd November 2011, during the 5th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis (RAFA 2011), held from the 1st to the 4th  November 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Open day was attended by more than 50 participants from various countries and different sectors as well as from national and European authorities. They actively engaged in discussions with the present NanoLyse scientists. The level of interaction was remarkably high and there was an intense exchange not only on the presented goals and results of the project, but also about future needs and possible collaborations.

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Session on the analysis of nanoparticles in food received a lot of attention

NanoLyse organised and chaired an oral session on this topic within the highly recognised Symposium on recent Advances in Food Analysis (RAFA), held in Prague in November 2011. The  presentations from international experts (both from within and outside the NanoLyse project) gave an overview of the state of the art in analysis of engineered nanoparticles in food.

NanoLyse contributes a high share to Poster session on Nanoparticles at the RAFA 2011 Symposium

Partners of the NanoLyse project provided more than 50% of the posters which were presented within the session on nanoparticles in the frame of the highly recognised Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis (RAFA), held in Prague in November 2011.

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Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry journal special issue

NanoLyse scientists contributed to the special issue of the 6th symposium on ‘Recent Advances in Food Analysis’ (RAFA 2011) in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Springer.


Sabina Rebe Raz, Maria Leontaridou, Maria G. E. G. Bremer, Ruud Peters & Stefan Weigel (2012). Development of surface plasmon resonance-based sensor for detection of silver nanoparticles in food and the environment. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 403:2843–2850.


Vincent Dehalu, Stefan Weigel, Sabina Rebe, Ringo Grombe, Raimar Löbenberg, Philippe Delahaut (2012). Production and characterization of antibodies against crosslinked gelatin nanoparticles and first steps toward developing an ELISA screening kit. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 403:2851–2857.



Expert workshop on analytical approaches for the determination of nanoparticles in complex matrices (e.g. food, cosmetics) in Brussels organised by NanoLyse and the EC JRC

Upcoming regulations on nanoparticles in consumer products and food trigger an urgent need for analytical methods to reliably determine engineered nanoparticles in these complex matrices. The JRC (IHCP) and NanoLyse recognized this need and organised an expert workshop in Brussels on 23-24 April 2012, on “Development and validation of analytical methods for nanoparticles in food and consumer products (in support of the implementation of the EC definition of a nanomaterial)“.

On the first day international experts in this field, including academia, research centres and instrument manufacturers, presented and discussed different approaches to tackle this issue. On the second day, the state of the art was presented to European regulatory and risk assessment stakeholders. Representatives from the European Commission (DG RTD, DG SANCO, DG Enterprise) as well as from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) discussed with the present experts the current and future possibilities and indicated their needs and requirements. This exchange was considered to be very valuable for both sides and made this workshop a very successful event.

Agenda of the workshop

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