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 WP4: Coupled separation / characterisation methods for organic and functionalised ENPs



Interest in nanoparticles (NPs) has increased explosively over the past two decades. Using NPs, high loadings of vitamins and health-benefit actives can be achieved in food, and stable flavors as well as natural food-coloring dispersions can be developed. Detection and characterization of NPs are essential in understanding the benefits as well as the potential risks of the application of such materials in food. The aim of WP4 is to develop respective methods for the detection and characterisation of organic nanoparticles in food, including sampling, sample preparation, analytical separation and instrumental detection. Research focuses on protein-, carbohydrate-, lipid- and carbon-based NPs and aimes for screening as well as confirmation methods.

·     Sampling and sample preparation methods for organic and surface functionalised engineered nanoparticles in food matrices

·     Validated combined separation and detection methods for organic/functionalised engineered nanoparticles in food matrices based on flow separation techniques and mass spectrometry


WP4 participants

Institute name

Institute short name


RIKILT – Institute of Food Safety


The Netherlands

University of Vienna



Technical University of Vienna



The Spanish National Research Council



Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


Czech Republic


Work Package leader

Dr. Ruud Peters

(RIKILT – Institute of Food Safety, The Netherlands)



Ruud Peters is senior researcher at RIKILT and project leader of the National Plan Residues in Food. He has over 15 years of experience in the development and application of methods for microcontaminants in environmental, processing and food matrices. He is project leader of a project for the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority aiming at the development of methods for the detection and characterisation of nano-particles in food and non-food products.


Deputy Work Package leader

Dr. Frank von der Kammer (University of Vienna, UVIE, Austria)


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