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 WP3: Coupled separation / characterisation methods for inorganic nanoparticles



If engineered inorganic nanoparticles are present in foods their identity and quantity needs to be determined, e.g. for proper exposure assessments or the testing for any (future) legal limits. The goal of WP3 is to develop methods for the unambiguous characterisation and quantification of inorganic nanoparticles in food, including sampling, sample preparation, analytical separation and instrumental detection. Separation and detection will be coupled on-line into reliable quantitative methods.

·         Sampling and sample preparation methodologies tailored to the quantitative detection of inorganic engineered nanoparticles in foods

·         Validated methods for the determination of inorganic engineered nanoparticles in food extracts, based on size separation (HDC, FFF), size determination (light scattering) and specific detection (ICP-MS)


WP3 participants

Institute name

Institute short name


University of Vienna



Technical University of Denmark 



Food and Environment Research Agency 


United Kingdom

RIKILT – Institute of Food Safety


The Netherlands


Work Package leader

Dr. Frank von der Kammer

(University of Vienna, UVIE, Austria)


Frank von der Kammer is head of the Nanogeosciences Division at the Department for Environmental Geosciences. He is working for more than 10 years on the analysis, behaviour and relevance of natural nanoparticles and colloids in the environment and in environmental engineering. He is an internationally renowned expert for the characterization of nanoparticles with field-flow fractionation (FFF), light scattering and spectrometry. He is chair of the working group “Aquatic Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” in the German Waterchemical Society and member of several national and international working groups (DECHEMA, SETAC, OECD, IWA) and knowledge transfer networks on nanoparticles. He hosted the 4th International Conference on Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles in September 2009.


Deputy Work Package leader

Prof. Dr. Erik Larsen (Technical University of Denmark, DTU, Denmark)


For further information about the work package 3, please contact WP3 leader at [email protected]

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