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EU projects on nanotechnologies


European Network on the Health and Environmental Impact of Nanomaterials


Other projects on nanotechnologies

The EU NanoSafety Cluster is a DG RTD NMP initiative to maximise the synergies between the existing FP6 and FP7 projects addressing all aspects of nanosafety including toxicology, ecotoxicology, exposure assessment, mechanisms of interaction, risk assessment and standardisation.

Internet resources

Call for proposals: National Research Programme "Opportunities and Risks of Nanomaterials" (NRP 64)  



ISEKI-Food Association - Special Interest Group on Nanobiotechnology

Collab4Safety is aimed at contributing to an increased cooperation and coordination on food safety at a global level and consequently at contributing to improving quality of life, enhancing social welfare and boosting the economic competitiveness of the European food industry. To search the profiles of over 1000 professionals working in food safety related areas in more than 100 countries, please register for free in the Stakeholder Database 

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