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According to the objectives of the project NanoLyse will deliver a number of different products to the general public, the scientific community and in particular to specific stakeholders involved in the risk assessment and legislation for the use of nanoparticles in food as well as in the analysis of engineered nanoparticles in these matrices for exposure assessment, monitoring and quality control purposes. The deliverables include:

·          Protocols for the analysis of different engineered nanoparticles in food and beverages (WP2, WP3, WP4), including sample preparation methods

·          Reference materials for nanoparticles in food matrix (for use within the project, available to external laboratories which participate in the interlaboratory method performance studies) (WP1)

·          Protocols for the reproducible production of such reference materials (WP1)

·          Method validation concept for engineered nanoparticles in food (WP1)

·          Publications in international journals on the scientific results of the project (WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4)

·          Open days for stakeholders and the interested public (WP5)

·          Training workshop for the transfer of the developed methods to stakeholder laboratories (WP5)

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