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 WP5: Dissemination and training



The NanoLyse project intends to exploit the knowledge which is generated within the project in the most beneficial way in various aspects. This includes consumer food safety, competitiveness of the European economy as well as scientific progress. Main goal of WP5 is to ensure that the knowledge and methods which are developed within NanoLyse are distributed to stakeholders and exploited in a proper way.

·         Active dissemination of results to stakeholders and scientists via website, newsletter, publications and presentations at stakeholder and scientific events

·         Technology transfer and training to consortium members and external end-users (governmental, education, industry)


WP5 participants

Institute name

Institute short name


Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


Czech Republic

RIKILT - Institute of Food Safety


The Netherlands


Work Package leader

Dr. Monika Tomaniova

(Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, VSCHT, Czech Republic)


Monika Tomaniova is researcher at the Food Contaminants and Toxicants Laboratory of the Department of Food Chemistry and Analysis. She has more than 10 years experiences in assessment of the hygienic-toxicological quality of food. She co-coordinated the monitoring program funded by Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic for 5 years and was also coordinator of Training Network activities of FP6 project TRACE (WP leader). She also chaired organizing committee of series of international symposia “Recent Advances in Food Analysis” in 2007 and 2009.


Deputy Work Package leader

Dr. Hans Bouwmeester (RIKILT - Institute of Food Safety, RIKILT, The Netherlands)


For further information about the work package 5, please contact WP5 leader at [email protected]


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