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 WP2: Rapid imaging and screening methods



Presumably, many foods will not contain any engineered nanoparticles. Applying rapid, cost-efficient and robust methods to distinguish the samples which actually contain nanoparticles from the majority which doesn’t, would allow to focus more laborious quantitative methods on those samples. The objective of WP2 is to develop such rapid analytical methods, based on imaging and screening techniques, for providing qualitative and semi-quantitative data on engineered nanoparticles in different food matrices. The developed methods should enable a rapid decision if any target particles are present or absent in a food sample.

·          Sample preparation methodology tailored to imaging and screening methods for engineered nanoparticles in foods

·          A simplified electron microscopic imaging tool with automated smart image analysis for the rapid detection of engineered nanoparticles presence in different food matrices

·          Screening assays for engineered nanoparticles in sensor and ELISA format


WP2 participants

Institute name

Institute short name


Food and Environment Research Agency


United Kingdom

Centre d’ Economie Rurale



Technical University of Denmark 



RIKILT – Institute of Food Safety


The Netherlands


Work Package leader     

Dr. Karen Tiede

(The Food and Environment Research Agency, FERA, UK)


Karen Tiede is an environmental scientist at FERA with more than 4 years of experience in environmental nanoparticle research. Karen investigates the fate and behaviour of engineered nanoparticles in the environment with a main focus on the development and application of analytical methods for their detection and characterisation in complex matrices such as food, soil, and organisms. Karen is leading/involved in many on-going projects on nanoparticle analysis and the potential environmental impacts of nanotechnology and is hearing expert for the EFSA working group on nanotechnologies.



Deputy Work Package leader

Mr. Vincent Dehalu (Centre d’ Economie Rurale, CER-Groupe, Belgium)


For further information about the work package 2, please contact WP2 leader at [email protected]


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